• Projects

    Projects that BayRail Alliance would like to see built:

    # on map Project   What it does Why we support it
    1  Caltrain Electrification   Convert Caltrain from diesel to electric-power Improve overall train speed and performance, reduce noise and air pollution
    2 Caltrain Metro East Create dedicated passenger line between San Jose, Fremont, and the Peninsula via Mineta San Jose airport  Close large gaps in rail service in congested commute corridors using the fastest, most modern equipment possible
    3  Certain BART extensions
    • Pittsburg-BayPoint line to a new terminal in Pittsburg
    • Dublin-Pleasanton line into central Livermore to connect with the regional and intercity high speed rail line to the Central Valley.
    • Fremont line to a new terminal on the east side of Fremont Central Park to meet Caltrain Metro East and the new high speed rail line.
     To close gaps in our proposed rail network
    4  Downtown Extension/Transbay Terminal Project Extend Caltrain line in downtown San Francisco from 4th & King to a rebuilt rail and bus terminal near 1st and Mission; redevelop the surrounding area to increase public transit ridership and support the financing and operations of the Terminal. Make it faster and more convenient to use Caltrain to get to the Financial District and connect to many Transbay transit services; eases capacity issues on light rail connection
    5    Dumbarton Rail   Run rail from east bay to Peninsula across rebuilt Dumbarton Rail bridge  Faster, more direct connection between the Peninsula and east bay/San Joaquin Valley
    6    High-Speed Rail   Speedy travel betweendowntown Los Angeles andSan Jose or San Francisco in under 3 hours. Travel between downtowns faster, at less cost to passengers and to the environment than with flying, with more comfortable seats and amenities
    7  Salinas/Monterey Rail   New rail service from Salinas and Monterey to San Jose Leverages Caltrain’s existing trackage rights to help more commuters
    8    SMART   Sonoma Marin rail service stretching 75 miles fromCloverdale to San Rafael The right-of-way is already publicly owned; the service will provide an alternative in an increasingly congested corridor