ACE extension to Sacramento

ACE is planning for an extension of the line from Stockton to Sacramento.

Project elements:

  • Extension would operate on one of the two UP owned corridors between Sacramento and Stockton.
  • UP offers the corridor (Sacramento subdivision) available for passenger use.
  • The Sacramento subdivision is near I-5. The other corridor (Fresno subdivision) is closer to adjacent to SR-99.
  • Currently, the San Joaquins trains use the Fresno subdivision. It is the only route that connects with the Sacramento Valley station.
  • The Sacramento subdivision runs a few blocks to the east from the State Capitol and does not directly connect to the Sacramento Valley station.
  • However the availability of the Sacramento subdivision allows ACE to pursue more aggressive track upgrades for faster service with less interference by freight trains, and far less expensive than expanding the rail right of way.
  • Some if not all San Joaquins trains to/from Sacramento may be routed onto the Sacramento subdivision.
  • In the meantime, San Joaquins will start offering service to/from Sacramento that matches with commuter schedules.
  • ACE is conducting an environmental evaluation and a mitigated negative declaration is expected to complete later in 2018.