SJC and SFO via public transit


To get to Mineta San Jose from Caltrain:

  1. Take Caltrain to Santa Clara station
  2. Transfer to VTA bus 60 (northbound toward Milpitas) to SJC Terminal A or B. Fare is required.

To get to Caltrain from Mineta San Jose:

  1. From SJC Terminal A (stop is located by the parking garage) or B (stop is in the median between the terminal and parking), take the VTA bus 60 (southbound toward Winchester). Ride is free when boarding at the airport.
  2. Transfer to Caltrain at Santa Clara. Purchase train ticket from machine or tag phone/Clipper Card at the station.

VTA line 60 runs at every 15 minutes most of the time and every 30 minutes at night and early morning hours.


To get to SFO from Caltrain:

  1. Take Caltrain to Millbrae station
  2. Transfer to northbound SamTrans bus route 292 toward San Francisco. The bus will serve to all terminals.

To get to Caltrain from SFO:

  1. Board southbound SamTrans route 292 toward Hillsdale at the lower level of airport terminal.
  2. Get off at Millbrae and transfer to Caltrain. The southbound track is located adjacent to where the bus stops.

BART is also another way to access SFO at Millbrae. Under the September 2023 schedule, all Richmond or Antioch bound trains from Millbrae will first stop at SFO.

Clipper card is accepted on Caltrain, SamTrans, and BART. Buy Clipper Card at all BART, Muni Metro subway, VTA light rail, or Caltrain station or get Clipper on smart phones with Apple or Google Wallet.

For schedule information, use the MTC trip planner.