San Bruno votes to move train station to I-380

On September 22, contrary to the wishes of rail supporters and the local Chamber of Commerce, the San Bruno City Council voted 3-2 to move the San Bruno Caltrain station. The present location is about two blocks east of San Mateo Avenue, the main downtown business district street. The new location would be nearly a mile north, under the I-380 overpass. The city council chose to move the station for two reasons:

  1. To make room for construction of the planned BART extension which will follow the Caltrain line from approximately San Bruno Avenue south.

  2. An extension of the airport rail transit (ART) light rail shuttle is under consideration that would cross Bayshore freeway at the I-380 interchange and connect to Caltrain at I-380.

Funding for this connection, the more expensive of two alternatives considered, is presently doubtful. In addition, construction of this alternative 3B connection may not occur for some years because it would not be possible until phase 2 of the ART.

Peninsula Rail 2000 strongly favors the more direct, cheaper alternative alignment for connecting the ART system to Caltrain, alternative 5. It would connect the two systems at a point close to and between airline terminals and the United Airlines maintenance facility, the two major destinations of commuters and airport passengers.

The San Bruno Council favors making the station move permanent. However, current plans call for BART to construct a temporary Caltrain station at I-380 next year which would be used for the duration of BART extension construction. Once construction is completed, the station could be moved back to the original location south of Angus Avenue.

Map, 37k GIF, shows alternative routings for the ART-Caltrain connection. It also shows BART's route to SFO airport and Millbrae.

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Last updated: January 7, 1998

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