Remembering Stanley Edison

Article published Summer 1996

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Dear Editor,

In our 15-year struggle to save and upgrade CalTrain, we all made some good friends who freely gave of their time and effort to better the community. Stanley Edison, who passed away last year was one such friend I made.

I remember Stanley for his helping "saving the train": passing out flyers at 6 am (!) at San Carlos station, hosting and taking names of new members at PR2000 meetings, and his work as local coordinator in the 1990 Prop. 116 rail bond campaign that gave us the money to "save the train."

His smile and upbeat attitude, his willingness to help as much he could makes me proud to have known him. Stanley was one of the people who just stepped in, without being asked--someone you could count on.

This was critical when we reorganized PR2000 in 1989. With his wife, Jane, he just began helping without asking.

--Alan Hirsch

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