In memoriam: Robert Hackley

Article published in May 1997

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Robert Hackley, life-long dedicated rail activist, passed away Wednesday, February 19. He was 45.

Bob was recently honored by the Washington Association of Rail Passengers, Train Riders Association of California, and Peninsula Rail 2000 for his many years of selfless dedication to the cause of improved rail transportation in the West. He was an Honorary Director of PR2000.

Bob held offices in many activist organizations, including President, Northern Chapter, Citizens for Rail California (predecessor to TRAC), founding member and numerous offices in the predecessor to PR2000, as well as similar positions in WashARP. After the Southern Pacific service between San Francisco and San Jose was taken over by CalTrain, thanks in part to his work, Bob also served several years on its Citizens Advisory Committee, including a term as its chair. In all of these positions, his work was entirely volunteer. He donated many hours of his time, and many of his dollars to the cause of improved rail transit. The success of the current rail programs in Northern California and Washington is due, in no small measure, to his efforts.

Bob was a gentle man with an easy wit, and an appreciation of a good friend, a good joke, and a good martini. He was never so happy as when he was on a train, regardless of where it was going. His many friends will miss him greatly.

--Harvard Moorhead

Memorials should be sent in his name either to:
PO Box 70381
Seattle, Washington 98107


National Brain Tumor Foundation
785 Market St.
San Francisco, CA 94103

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