Trains to Santa Cruz and Monterey?

The information in this article was current as of March 1997.

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The Transportation Agency for Monterey County (TAMC) has been studying the engineering and costs for weekday and weekend San Jose-Monterey rail service. In a March 7 memo, TAMC suggested an extension of the Sacramento-Oakland-San Jose Capitol trains as the most likely option. The agency recommended an immediate extension of the Capitols to Salinas--and once track repairs are completed--to Seaside, about three miles northeast of Monterey.

An estimate of $14.3 million for service between Monterey and San Jose or San Francisco was within the $17 million in state rail bond funds available to Monterey County. The city of Seaside has begun land acquisition and design of a train station to be located at Canyon Del Rey and Del Monte Avenues. Salinas, Marina, and Monterey are in the process of planning or building train stations.

In addition, the Santa Cruz County Transportation Commission and TAMC have applied for $50,000 of ISTEA funding for studying Monterey-San Jose and Monterey-Santa Cruz passenger train service. Congressman Sam Farr has applied for $20 million of ISTEA money to start a Watsonville-Santa Cruz rail system with weekend service to San Jose.

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Last updated: May 11, 1997

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