County Official Makes Noises About High Speed Rail

Article published in January 1997

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A San Mateo County official has endeavored to arouse concern over a possible routing of high speed rail via the Peninsula, now in its early planning stages. In November, COST conducted a mass mailing to counter a recent letter sent by Richard Silver, Chief Clerk of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors.

Silver mailed his letter to several Peninsula transit advocates on behalf of the defunct organization "Friends of CalTrain." Founders of Friends of CalTrain have repeatedly objected to Silver's use of the organization's name. Silver's letter made the ludicrous assertion that high speed rail could harm CalTrain.

"The problem with Silver's claims," wrote Peninsula Rail 2000 president Adrian Brandt in PR2000's rebuttal letter, "is that we have been unable to confirm any of them with information provided by the California Intercity High Speed Rail Commission's recent draft report.... We can only conclude that he conjured them up for some reason unknown to us."

What will the actual impact of high speed rail be on the Peninsula and CalTrain? For some informed speculation, see the article High Speed Rail and CalTrain: Good for Each Other.

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Last updated: November 18, 1997

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