BART past the airport lawsuit: donations still needed

Article published in January 1997

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Peninsula Rail 2000, along with co-litigants COST (Coalition for a One-Stop Terminal) and Train Riders Association of California (TRAC), are keeping pressure on BART and SamTrans on the inadequacy of the Final Environmental Impact Report for the BART-SFO-Millbrae project. Our attorney Bill Yates is preparing a record of documents for the court to review. The process of obtaining the public records from BART and SamTrans (which cost roughly $9,000) has now been completed. More money is needed to pay the court costs and attorney's fees. The court date has been delayed until some time around March.

The BART Attorney Sharon Solomon of Pillsbury, Madison, and Sutro requested that all documents relating to the BART-SFO project be made part of the record. Ms. Solomon authorized Bill Yates to review BART's documents to help production of the record between now and the court date.

On November 9, 1996, Peninsula Rail 2000, along with COST and TRAC, co-hosted a fund-raiser in support of CalTrain and the three groups' legal efforts. The fund-raiser occurred aboard the world famous Lucius Beebe private railroad car located in Redwood City. Over 100 people attended. The event included live entertainment, lots of great food, and a no-host bar. The fund-raiser was a great success as we raised much needed funds.

Our warmest thanks to those who have sent in checks recently. If you would like to contribute, send your contribution to:

Peninsula Rail 2000
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Last updated: November 18, 1997

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