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Article published in January 1997

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One of our most dedicated members, Jim West, curtailed his involvement in PR2000 at the beginning of 1996 to allow more time for his other volunteer responsibilities. Jim served as president of PR2000 from March of 1990 until 1996. His contributions to improving CalTrain are almost too numerous to describe.

In 1991 he was instrumental in lobbying the California Transportation Commission to allow Prop. 116 funds to be used for purchase of the CalTrain right-of-way from Southern Pacific Railroad. In 1992 he was co-chair of rail projects for the Santa Clara County Manufacturing Group transportation sales tax ballot initiative effort. That year he also lobbied the San Mateo County Board of supervisors to place the CalTrain advisory Measure C on the ballot.

A San Francisco resident, he is a key advocate for the downtown extension of CalTrain while he has served as president of the South of Market Neighbors Association and treasurer for the San Francisco Democratic Party. Due in part to his intensive lobbying efforts in February 1994, the Transbay Terminal was saved from elimination from as an alternative for the extnesion. Later that year he was the primary campaigner for Proposition H, the cost effective alternative to the rival "BART Into the airport" proposition. Since 1995 he has served as vice-chair of the Transbay Terminal Redevelopment Area Citizens Advisory Committee.

Although he had participated in many prior emergency relief activities, Jim's first sustained involvement in civic activities began with his involvement just after the 1989 earthquake with the Red Cross, the CalTrain Citizens Advisory Committee, and PR2000. He continues to serve as public affairs officer for the San Francisco Chapter of the American Red Cross.

We miss "JW" as an important player in running PR2000, and look forward to continuing to work along side him in revitalizing CalTrain and the Transbay Terminal.

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Last updated: November 18, 1997

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