BART-Millbrae ballot initiative proposed

Article published in January 1997

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An organization called Elected Officials for Responsible Transit, comprised of councilmembers of San Mateo County cities, has been campaigning to allow voters to make a fully informed decision on the current proposal to extend BART beyond the SFO airport. Their proposed ballot initiative would require an independent accounting of all costs associated with the BART project.

The proposed ballot measure, if approved by voters, would require the San Mateo County Transit District (SamTrans) to undertake a complete and independent analysis to be completed and made available for public review within 120 days of voter approval of the measure. The analysis would address the financial risk and the impact on current SamTrans and CalTrain services of the SFO-Millbrae portion of the BART extension.

Upon completion and distribution of the analysis, the Board of Directors of SamTrans would call an election for San Mateo County voters on the following measure:

"Shall SamTrans participate in a further BART expansion in San Mateo County that runs to Millbrae with an intermediate station at the airport international terminal (using the aerial design option [aerial Y-stub]), and end of the line station at Millbrae where SamTrans will pay $187 million of construction costs, a $130 million capital contribution to the BART system for extensions in the East Bay and all operation and maintenance, based on system-wide expenses, for BART in San Mateo County?"

The elected officials committee must collect over 20,000 signatures from San Mateo County voters. Volunteer help is greatly appreciated for this major undertaking.

The sponsors of this ballot initiative were unable to collect the required number of signatures, and the initiative failed to qualify for the San Mateo County ballot.

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Last updated: November 18, 1997

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