Advanced self-propelled IC3 train visits the Peninsula

Article published Summer 1996

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The Danish-built IC3 Flexliner, on a tour of California, ran on the CalTrain tracks on August 5. Shown here at San Carlos station, the train consists of two coupled Danish-built three-car diesel multiple units (DMUs). Diesel-hydraulic engines are located in the undercarriage. DMU trains which lack a separate locomotive are commonly used on rural routes in Europe. The IC3 is one of the most modern of these. It features electronic route maps and schedule status signs, cellular phones, and outlets for laptop computers. The unique rubber "front system" pictured here, enables the three-car units to couple or uncouple quickly, even while moving at slow speed. This technology is ideally suited for routes with branches to multiple destinations. For routes such as San Francisco-San Jose-Hollister/Salinas/Monterey or Peninsula (via Dumbarton rail bridge)/San Jose-Stockton/Modesto, the IC3 would work well. This IC3 train set is scheduled for regular service on the San Diegan route as part of its stay in the US.

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