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March-April 2002
Brian Stanke leaves BayRail
BayRail Alliance board member Brian
Stanke departed in early February for Roma-
nia to work as a Peace Corps volunteer. Brian
joined the board last summer as the lone
member residing in the East Bay.
In October, Brian began working as
Project Manager for Odyssey 20/20, a Sac-
ramento organization that facilitates coop-
eration among transit agencies and pro-tran-
sit groups like BayRail from all over Califor-
nia to increase their political effectiveness.
Brian's contributions to BayRail include
drafting policy statements and helping to
persuade the Metropolitan Transportation
Commission (MTC) to give funding priority
to Caltrain upgrades. He also helped to lobby
Governor Davis' staff to urge the Governor
to sign the AB 1419 Transbay Terminal leg-
islation. While working with Odyssey he
also has helped in the ongoing campaign to
put high speed rail on the fast track.
We enjoyed working with you, Brian,
and we wish you the best of luck in your
future endeavors.
In memoriam: Bill Scholz
Bill Scholz, a resident of Escalon, San
Joaquin County, passed away in January at
the age of 66. His greatest passion, his wife
Rosemary told the Modesto Bee, was trains.
Bill saw the need for commuter rail service
from the Central Valley to the Bay Area.
Along with San Joaquin County Su-
pervisor Bob Cabral, Bill pushed for the cre-
ation of the Altamont Commuter Express rail
line. Their dream came true in 1998, when the
train began service with two daily round trips
between Stockton and San Jose via the
Altamont Pass. Bill served on the San
Joaquin Valley Rail Committee and formed
the Altamont PASSengers Coalition which
predated the formation of the agency which
runs the ACE trains. Bill and ACE Executive
Director Stacey Mortensen made the trip to
San Carlos to discuss these efforts for a Pen-
insula Rail 2000 meeting in 1996. Bill also
served as president of the Train Riders As-
sociation of California for two years.
In February 2001, the San Joaquin
Council of Governments honored Bill for his
efforts. Rail advocates of the Bay Area and
California also honor his substantial contri-
butions toward initiating Northern
California's newest commuter rail service. We
will miss him.
Regional Priority
, from page 3]
are the only two unbuilt projects from the
1988 agreement.
After the release of the draft RTP and
RTEP, the cost of electrification increased
significantly due to the enlarged scope of
the project. Caltrain staff included additional
rolling stock and electrification of express
tracks into the project. The added cost of
these threatened the project's priority sta-
tus with MTC. However, Caltrain staff also
identified potential federal clean air funding,
thereby maintaining the status of Track 1/
Tier 1 project.
BayRail Alliance believes that
grassroots pressure played a critical role in
MTC's decision to give priority to Caltrain
upgrades. MTC's summary of the public
comments received from around the Bay
Area indicated an overwhelming number of
comments in favor of the Transbay Termi-
nal/Caltrain SF extension project. "Once
again, the combined actions of lots of ordi-
nary citizens, who took a few minutes to send
an email, fill out a web form, or make a phone
call, has provided us an extraordinary politi-
cal victory, " said BayRail executive director
Margaret Okuzumi.
YES! I support improving Caltrain and Regional Transit!
I support BayRail Alliance's efforts to promote a regional transit system by upgrading Caltrain and extending it to
downtown San Francisco, improving connections between buses, trains, and other transit modes, and establishing
a High Speed Rail system connecting the Bay Area and Southern California.
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