3921 East Bayshore Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303
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Peninsula Rail 2000 is an 18-year old, all-volunteer,
entirely member-supported transit consumer group
working to promote an upgraded and expanded Caltrain
system to serve the San Francisco Peninsula and San
Jose-East Bay corridors. Our goals include the conversion
of Caltrain from diesel to electric propulsion to increase
speed & reliability and decrease noise, pollution and
costs; increasing Caltrain frequency to at least once every
ten minutes at peak times and every half-hour at non-
peak times; extending Caltrain to downtown San Fran-
cisco; expanding ACE and Amtrak Capitol train service in
the East Bay, and building the proposed high speed rail
line between the Bay Area and Southern California.
Board of directors: Adrian Brandt, President (Redwood
City); Sylvia Gregory (San Bruno); Richard Mlynarik (San
Francisco); Margaret Okuzumi (Sunnyvale); Russell Reagan
(San Francisco); Paul Wendt (Belmont). See
www.rail2000.org for contact info.
Peninsula Rail 2000 Upcoming Meetings
Monday, March 13, 6:45 PM
Howard Goode, Deputy Executive Director,
You have a right to ask, and he's the man. Everything you wanted to
know about why Caltrain does things the way they do. He'll be
focusing on Dumbarton commuter rail plans, but let's not pass up the
opportunity to ask him the tough questions about Caltrain planning
and service.
Each month we feature a presentation by a transit expert or official, or
we hold a discussion on our current efforts to improve rail service.
Newcomers are welcome!
Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month,
at the Depot Cafe in the San Carlos Caltrain Station.
This meeting will begin at 6:45 PM and end at 8:30,
and is timed for convenient arrival and departure via
Caltrain from the north or south. An optional $7 buffet-
style soup, salad and sandwich dinner is available.

What an electrified Caltrain could look like in a few years.