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I can help by:
Phoning or writing local politicians when you
tell me about an important transportation issue
Volunteering two hours a month (or more)

Yes! I support improving Caltrain and Regional Transit!
I support PR2000's efforts to promote a regional transit system by upgrading Caltrain to BART-level service and extending it to downtown San
Francisco, improving connections between buses, trains, and other transit modes, and establishing commuter rail between the East Bay and San
Mail to the address
below, or call our 24-
hour message/newsline
for more information:
Peninsula Rail 2000
3921 East Bayshore Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303
I'm enclosing a contribution to
help fund PR2000's programs.
Voting membership levels:
$15 Student/low income
$35 Regular
$50 Sponsor
$75 Sponsor
$100 Patron
$250 President's club
We welcome all contributions.
Voting memberships start at $15
or $35, as applicable.
Contacting Caltrain Decisionmakers
The agency in charge of administering Caltrain is the Peninsula Corridor Joint
Powers Board, often abbreviated as [PC] JPB
Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board
PO Box 3006
San Carlos, CA 94070-1306
fax# 650.508.6281
Correspondence sent to the full Joint Powers Board is copied to all board members
and becomes part of the official record.
The JPB meets on the first Thursday of the month at 10 AM at 1250 San Carlos
Ave., 2 blocks west of the San Carlos Caltrain station.
Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board consists of 12 members and 5 alternates
Blanca Alvarado, Chairperson
Manuel Valerio, Vice-Chairperson
City of San Jose
Cindy Chavez
Ron Gonzales
Margie Matthews
Charlotte Powers
Alice Woody
Linda J. LeZotte, Alternate
City of Mountain View
Nancy Noe
City of Palo Alto
Sandy Eakins, Alternate
City of Santa Clara
Judy Nadler
City of Sunnyvale
Manuel Valerio
City of Campbell
Jane P. Kennedy, Alternate
City of Monte Sereno
Jack Lucas
City of Gilroy
Thomas Springer, Alternate
City of Morgan Hill
Dennis Kennedy
County of Santa Clara
Blanca Alvarado
Peter McHugh
The Board of Directors meet the first
Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. in the
Board Chambers, 70 West Hedding Street,
San Jose, California.
Please address VTA correspondence c/o:
Office of the Board Secretary
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
3331 North First Street, Building B-2
San Jose, CA 95134-1906
Fax (408) 955-0891, Tel (408) 321-5680
County Board of Supervisors, County Government Center, East
Wing, 70 West Hedding St., San Jose 95110
Don Gage, District 1 tel#(408) 299-3273, Fax: (408) 298-8460
San Martin office: (408)686-8742 or (408)683-4115
Blanca Alvarado, Dist. 2 tel#(408) 299-2040, Fax: (408) 295-
Pete McHugh, Dist.3 tel# (408) 299-2443, Fax: (408) 298-6637
Jim Beall, Dist. 4, tel# (408) 299-3924, Fax: (408) 299-2038
Joe Simitian, Dist. 5, tel# (408) 299-2323, Phone: (650) 965-
8737 Fax: (408) 280-0418
To find out who your representatives are, Santa Clara County
residents can call the Registrar of Voters at (408)298-7400.
see website at http://claraweb.co.santa-clara.ca.us/bos/
boshome.htm for more details
The JPB consists of three representatives from each of the three counties.
San Mateo County reps are:
Mike Nevin, appointed by County Board of Supervisors
Stephen M. Schmidt, City of Menlo Park, appointed by City Selection Committee
Arthur Lloyd, appointed by San Mateo County Transit District
Santa Clara County reps are:
John L. McLemore, City of Santa Clara, appointed by Santa Clara County cities'
Charlotte Powers, City of San Jose, appointed by Santa Clara VTA
Manuel Valerio, City of Sunnyvale, appointed by Santa Clara VTA
San Francisco County reps are:
Michael Burns, appointed by S.F. Public Transportation Commission
Maria Ayerdi, appointed by SF Mayor Brown
[a third rep who has just resigned is expected to be replaced shortly]
Santa Clara County Valley Transportation Authority
Jim Beall, Jr., Alternate
Metropolitan Transportation
Jim Beall, Jr.
John McLemore
Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors